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Billion Dollar Brows

If you didn’t know already, brows are HUGE, both literally and metaphorically. Today brows are recognised as the cornerstone of beauty. Clients are now looking for much more than just a quick shape and tint as they have in the past. Instead they are looking to industry experts for ways to create and maintain the latest brow trends. It is therefore vital for a business, who offer brow services, to continue to move forward with these industry demands and offer a retail brand to sell alongside brow treatments. Consider the increase in profit if with every brow shape you sold a brow retail product. Used within your brow services as a finishing product BDB allows your clients to walk out the door with a beautiful look and style that they can recreate every day at home in between salon visits.

Natalie Plain, brow guru and founder of Billion Dollar Brows, built the brand based on the notion that no brows are the same. Plain quickly realised that the beauty industry was too focused on the idea of a ‘one brow fits all’ look on women. “Cookie cutter eyebrow stencils don’t work, there is no such thing as one perfect brow shape that fits everyone’s face” says Plain, “brows should be based on an individual’s facial symmetry and their unique natural beauty”. It was this gap in the beauty market that lead Plain to create The Brow Buddy Tool; a patent and unique tool to BDB that takes into account the natural tendencies of an individual’s eyebrows to then improve them according to rules of symmetry and style, not reinvent them entirely.

BDB that boast a full range of brow products including essential powders, tints and brushes along with unique and best-selling products like the Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Boost and the Brow Buddy Tool.

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"We love having BDB in our salons and it has quickly become one of our most popular retail lines. Clients love the quality and pricing, and leave happy knowing they have an at-home solution to their brow needs. The Universal Brow Pencil is on its way to cult status!"

-Vivianne McIntosh, Owner of Bare Waxing & Skin Centres

The brow game has never been stronger. So what are you waiting for?

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