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Dermalogica has reformulated a solution for the ever-increasing population of individuals who are prone to dry skin: Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser, featuring a state-of-the-art BioReplenish Complex™. Available from authorised Dermalogica stockists from 1st February 2019.


The average adult loses nearly half a litre of moisture through Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) every day, making continuous hydration an essential component of overall skin health. This is when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis and evaporates on the skins surface.
This combined with increasing environmental triggers and ever-busier lifestyles, means that today’s moisturisers need to do more than just replace lost hydration. Dehydration also disrupts the skin’s microbiome and accelerates the loss of crucial enzymes – so Dermalogica made it their mission to harness advanced hydration technologies into a next-generation formula in their best-selling moisturiser, Skin Smoothing Cream.

Cell turnover slows down as we age, resulting in longer recovery time as well as dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. To help combat this, Dermalogica has formulated the Rapid Reveal Peel, a high-strength, at-home peel that kick-starts skin renewal to reveal brighter, smoother, healthier-looking skin. This home peel is clinically proven to enhance radiance and visibly reduce fine lines, and is $159 including 10 individually packaged 3 mL peels and travel bag. ...more
Everyone has breakout-causing bacteria (aka P. acnes) on their skin, but not everyone gets breakouts. Sometimes hormonal signals trigger oil production stimulated by changes in diet and psychological stress. When this excess oil, debris and bacteria get trapped in the follicle, this can lead to breakouts. ...more
Your skin endures a lot. Every day, natural and environmental triggers work to change its structure from inside and out – speeding up the ageing process and resulting in uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Skin can fight back against these processes, but it needs help. New research shows that Vitamin C can actually boost skin’s natural detox system, helping it to defend itself from oxidative stress. There’s just one problem: most topical Vitamin C products on the market contain unstable ingredients that can’t penetrate skin to provide protection. ...more
Last week Dermalogica Skin Centres from all over Australia and New Zealand attended a truly ‘remarkable’ event, the Dermalogica 2018 Symposium. Symposiums are designed to bring Dermalogica skin care professionals together to connect, learn about industry innovation, develop business skills and be inspired by exceptional guest speakers. The previous Symposium was hosted in Port Douglas, Australia in 2016. ...more

Congratulations to the below Skin Centres for gaining Platinum Skin Centre recognition in 2018! Skin Centres gain this recognition through exceptional commitment to Dermalogica from their investment in educating their Skin Therapists to their marketing activities and much more. Platinum Skin Centres come highly recommended from Dermalogica as destinations to visit to receive the ultimate Dermalogica experience. We are extremely excited to announce our Platinum Skin Centres and want to take this opportunity to congratulate them on this prestigious achievement for 2018.

Nearly half the global population describes their skin as sensitive or very sensitive.* But despite its prevalence, treating skin sensitivity can be difficult since it looks and feels different for everyone and has many triggers. Dermalogica’s new UltraCalming™ Duo, available from 19th January, takes the guesswork out of the equation by treating the top three concerns of everyone who has sensitive skin: redness, irritation and dehydration. ...more
Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that affects health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world's population. When it comes to your skin care routine, sleep is a crucial component for the skin's recovery from the assaults of the day. Just a few nights of missed sleep can lead to dull skin and fine lines, and chronic sleep deprivation leads to dark circles and early aging. In today's increasingly interconnected world, we won't be getting more sleep any time soon - but new Sound Sleep Cocoon™, is a revitalising treatment gel-cream that works with the skin's natural overnight repair and recovery process to optimise the skin benefits of the sleep we do get, delivering glowing skin by morning. ...more
Our proud professional heritage is reflected in every aspect of the Dermalogica brand. ...more