We interviewed our top seven Skin Centres who were all recently awarded Skin Centre's of Distinction 2015. Here is our interview with Louise Gray Skin Care.

What do you love most about working as a skin therapist?

The fact that you can make such a difference to someones life by getting to the nitty gritty of their concerns and assisting the skin to correct and improve itself. In other words working with the skin for results not just doing band aid treatments.

What are your top 2 favourite Dermalogica products?

Multivitamin recovery masque for anti stressing and total nourishment for the skin; then one of the 3 toners for hydration of course!

Describe a typical day at your Skin Centre?

I'm lucky these days to have a great balance of hands on with clients for 3 days and the other 2 days I am able to work with the therapists and their client. I do a lot of electrolysis and IPL which gives me the opportunity to work with the clients skin regime as well as doing facial treatments. No waxing for me these days!!

What’s your top Winter skin care tip?

Hydrate Hydrate and Hydrate with a serum (hydrating booster) and /or toner plus from internal supplements too ( Bestow Beauty Oil).

What do you love most about Dermalogica?

It began with education for the therapist and grew to developing skin health products. I have the choice of prescribing products for clients no matter if they are a sophisticated user or not. It’s all about education and results.

How many people in your team and what is their Expert status (if any)?

I have 3 team members, Nicola who has been with me for seven years is the front desk coordinator who used to own her own clinic and is amazing with both clients and us thus we have a smooth day to day environment.
The other 2 therapists ,Roche who has been with me for two years has Dermalogica specialist status and of course "THE Dermalogica Expert of the Year " Beverely who has been with me for eight years.

Why would you recommend a client have a Face Mapping skin analysis?

To get results you need to understand the underlying reason of whats happening with the skin..and doing a face map analysis is a clear plan for both the therapist and the client.

Tell us about your Skin Centre – what makes you special?

We are proud to be one of the few clinic’s in Auckland that have been awarded "Clinic Of Distinction". Also we are celebrating our tenth year here in Mission Bay!!