We interviewed our top seven Skin Centres who were all recently awarded Skin Centre's of Distinction 2015. Here is our interview with Mint Beauty Therapy.

What do you love most about working as a skin therapist?

I love helping clients get the skin they deserve. I love watching their confidence grow as they get the results they want. I feel very fortunate to wake up every morning and go to a job that is my passion.

What are your top 2 dermalogica products?

PRECLEASE WIPES – these wipes leave your skin feeling ultra clean, they are quick and easy to use and are excellent for removing make-up. A must have for traveling or handy to keep in your gym bag. They are also good for the environment to as the wipes are biodegradable.

SKIN PERFECT PRIMER – This is my go to product when doing Bridal and Special occasion makeup, it creates the perfect landing for any foundation, evens out skin tone and enhances skin luminosity and radiance. I use this every day under my own makeup.

Describe a typical day at your skin centre?

A typical day at Mint starts off with a mini team meeting in preparation for the day ahead. Each team member checks the clients they have for the day and prepares their own treatment areas.
No two days are the same, we keep things fresh by running monthly promotions and introducing clients to new treatments that they have never experienced before. We find our days pass quickly because of the volume of clients we have coming through the doors. We do however, always make sure we schedule in time for our morning coffee!

What is your top winter skin care tip?

Winter is the perfect time to do more advanced treatments on your skin. We recommend to book in for a Bio Surface Peel to refresh, resurface and brighten your skin. Mint clients have been experiencing amazing results with their skin after having this treatment done. Best of all with this treatment there is no down time so you can have it done in your lunch break.
Our other at home winter skin care tip would be to spritz Antioxidant Hydramist on throughout the day to keep your skin refreshed, hydrated and protected from the harsh winter cold. This tip is a favourite with our farming clients who are heavily exposed to the elements.

What do you love most about dermalogica?

I love that dermalogica is a product that does what it says it’s going to do. There are no false promises, it delivers every time.

How many people are in your team & what is there expert status?

The mint team is made up of four therapists, 1 expert, 2 specialists and 1 certified.

Why would you recommend a client to get Face Mapped?

Your skin has a storey to tell and this is your therapist’s way of reading it, then working out the best solution for your skin. Face Mapping allows the therapist to gain an in depth break down of each different section of your skin.

Tell us about your skin care centre and what makes you special?

Here at Mint you can expect to experience beauty excellence. Our commitment to you is to have you leave with a smile on your face, feeling that you have been treated as our most important guest.
We are a small town skin centre with a “big city drive” providing our clients with the best up to date products and treatments. We are all about supporting and getting involved in community events.

We are a close group of therapists who all share the same passion for the beauty industry. We love what we do.