We interviewed our top seven Skin Centres who were all recently awarded Skin Centre's of Distinction 2015. Here is our interview with Smith and Caughey.

What do you love most about working as a skin therapist?

Being a Skin Therapist allows me to help and educate my clients regarding their skin concerns! I love listening to them and feel proud when I can provide my clients with skin treatments. It’s a nice feeling when they get great results on their skin with products and treatments. I am loyal to my clients and it is always such a great feeling when clients return to me after providing them with great customer service, advice and knowledge about their Skin Care products.

What are your top 2 Dermalogica products?

My top two Dermalogica products are PreCleanse and Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50. I love how the PreCleanse dissolves all my make-up including my eye make-up and it doesn’t leave any traces of greasy residue. My skin feels so clean and nourished.
Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is my all-time favourite. I love the fact that it blends so smoothly into my skin even with a higher UV protection. The product is so firming and hydrating. It’s a very medium-weight moisturiser and the built in sunscreen ticks all the boxes.

Describe a typical day at your Skin Centre?

We are based in Smith and Caughey, Queen Street in a department store. We get to see new customers every day. We can have quiet moments but mostly the store can get very busy. Customers can always walk up to the counter and enquire about products and treatments. Our counter provides Face Mapping skin analysis, Skin Lessons, and skin treatments on a daily basis.
Our typical day at our Skin Centre is all about providing great customer service always to all our valued customers.

What is your top winter skin care tip?

Due to cold weather, we tend to forget about drinking enough water. Also during winter we use heaters a lot and the cold outside tends to destroy the barrier on our skin and make our skin really dry and dehydrated.
My winter skin care tip would be to keep your skin properly hydrated. Use a really hydrating moisturiser both day and night. Always keep up with your water intake as well, at least 8/10 glasses of water daily is normal. As we all know that dehydration can lead to premature ageing. The more hydrated your skin is, the plumper, the firmer and healthier it will be.

What do you love most about Dermalogica?

I love Dermalogica with a passion. Firstly it’s a product that gives your skin results. There’s always a solution for different skin concerns or problems. Dermalogica’s ingredients are so concentrated that you only need to use a very small amount of products each time and it goes such a long way. All Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic, so you can be assured that it’s not going to clog pores or congest your skin. Most of all Dermalogica is a ‘Professional Product’ with no nasties in them.

How many people are in your team & what is there expert status?

We have two people in our team, myself, Kavita Reddy (Counter Manger) and a Dermalogica Expert and our 2IC, Dan Zhang who is a Dermalogica Specialist.

Why would you recommend a client have a Face Map?

Our skin changes all the time with seasons, climate, lifestyle and free radicals. For anyone to know about their skin type and the health of their skin, we recommend clients to have a Face Mapping skin analysis.

Face Mapping also helps the skin expert to be able to prescribe the right Dermalogica products to the client, keeping in mind their skin concerns. Face Mapping also allows the skin expert to gain a close look at the skin, feel the skin and recommend a customer the right skin treatments to make their skin healthier.

Tell us about your skin care centre and what makes you special?

Our Skin Centre is located in the cosmetic department in Smith & Caughey department store on Queen Street. We have all the prestige and big brands like Chanel, Bobbi Brow, La mer, La Prairie and other amazing brands. Every brand has their own unique services. Dermalogica counter on its own is very special because of its unique services.

Our point of difference makes us special. We provide Face Mapping skin analysis to advise customers about their skin type and the overall health of their skin. We also advise them on how they are able to improve or help their skin concerns and that’s by prescribing them the right Dermalogica products that they can use as part of their everyday skin care routine. We have a treatment room on counter where we can provide different skin treatments for different skin concerns. Dermalogica is all about healthy skin and how we the skin experts of Dermalogica can help you to deal with any skin concerns, with our very active products that always give you great results.