We’ve chatted before about getting new clients in the door using different types of promotions to keep them interested in you and your services, but how do you know how successful they have really been? How do you measure the effectiveness for each promotion?

Firstly, if you work with a team, you need to make sure the whole team is involved and excited about the promotion that you’re running and what you’re hoping to achieve. You can do this by ensuring all team members are informed before you start your promotional activity.

Having a goal is great, but the goal has to be achievable otherwise it is not motivating at all. So discuss with your team and be clear about your goal for the promotional period and what is required from each person to achieve that goal.

Measuring those goals:
What are you aiming for? Is it that you would like to increase the average spend per client? Do you have a goal in place for each therapist as well as the entire salon to achieve overall? Is it that you have a target to achieve in retail sales or treatment bookings, or both? How will you track all of this info? Break these goals down for each team member and let everyone be part of that process.

Analyse data after the promotion:
It’s easy to say "that was a great promotion" but what are you measuring that on? Did you achieve the overall goal for the entire business? You may well want to reward your team if the goal was achieved.

These are just a few thoughts to get you thinking before you run your next promotion.