Revolutionising the brow market once again, Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) announces the launch of Brow Boost: Primer & Conditioner, the first multi-tasking brow primer and conditioner in New Zealand. Brow Boost: Primer & Conditioner is a reformulation and replacement for the original best-selling product Brow Boost.

Developed by brow aestheticians and brow artists in California, this translucent, light pink formula provides a grip for brow makeup to adhere to, while simultaneously conditioning and strengthening, to create a full, beautiful brow look.

Prostaglandin, paraben and fragrance free, Brow Boost: Primer & Conditioner is made from a unique blend of soy proteins and vitamins derived from Pelvetia Canaliculata*, a form of seaweed found off the coast of France, that is rich in anti-oxidants and clinically proven to condition and strengthen hair.

A small amount should be applied evenly onto each brow in the morning, and once dry, brow powder, pencil or gel can be applied. Providing additional grip, the primer helps hold makeup in place for longer, but can also be worn alone.

Brow Boost: Primer & Conditioner is lab and dermatologist tested and is safe for all skin types. The recommended retail price is $55 and comes in a 4ml tube which will last around three months. Available to order now for Billion Dollar Brows NZ accounts from S.H.E.

*Clinical studies have shown Pelvetia Canaliculata helps condition and strengthen hair. (Source: Dermscan Laboratory, clinical trial. Lyon, France) facebook.