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Daily Microfoliant wins at NZ Best in Beauty Awards ...more
Learn about the latest advances in treating hyperpigmentation and the launch of Dermalogica's new PowerBright TRx range. ...more
Dermalogica takes skin to a whole new depth with the launch of BioSurface Peel! ...more
Inspired by Dr Libby, Natasha Gee shares her journey towards skin health by looking at changes to her diet... ...more
Recent research suggests that the intake of dairy products could be a trigger for acne ...more
New sunscreen standards mean labeling changes. ...more
What is a pimple? Is it dirty skin? A reaction to cosmetics? A disease? Well in a way, it’s all of that and much more… ...more
Seventy one percent of people would be more likely to visit spas if they knew that scientific studies showed measurable results – are you marketing your services in the right way? ...more