With the power to address skin ageing, dullness, breakouts, and sensitivity, Dermalogica introduces new Charcoal Rescue Masque a fast-acting, multitasking masque for all skin types. Available from 1st March 2016 for $89 this all in one treatment detoxifies, brightens and invigorates all skin conditions, making it ideal for anyone looking for a healthy, vibrant and balanced glow.

Sluggish skin is increasingly common in the modern age. Environmental pollutants combine daily with natural sebum secretions to form a waxy coating on the skin, dulling the skin’s appearance and contributing to inflammation and congestion. Research conducted at The International Dermal Institute reflects that most women only spend about 20 seconds washing their face – not nearly enough time to penetrate debris.Charcoal Rescue Masque significantly enhances cleansing, helping remove build-up and stimulate cellular turnover, making it a go-to for healthy, glowing skin.

Activated Binchotan (aka Japanese Ubame Oak) Charcoal is a key ingredient used to draw out excess sebum, toxins, and other impurities. Charcoal has long been used in medical circles for the emergency treatment of poisoning, renowned for its extraordinary adsorption abilities. Unlike “absorption”, which is the entering of one substance by another, “adsorption” involves the adhesion of one substance onto the surface of another. Activated Charcoal – which has a negatively charged surface - attracts and binds itself to positively-charged toxins.

“Most charcoal masques are for oily and congested skin but our new charcoal rescue masque is more than an oil absorbing masque. With a list of more than 12 key ingredients this masque is the ultimate remedy for dull skin,” says Caroline Parker, Head of Education for Dermalogica New Zealand.