It’s that time of year where we are bombarded by eye catching displays, frills and fancy things to entice you into buying – it is the season of giving after all!

But how can you make sure your business benefits from all this heightened activity?

One easy step is to have really strong visual displays in prominent areas around your salon, like at the front desk. For example, create a display of your top selling products next to the cash register where clients check out and pay. Group two or three products together, add a simple ribbon and voila! There is no need to go over the top with Christmas decorations. Remember the product is always the hero of any display.

The festive season is also prime time for selling gift certificates, so to enhance to your sales of these, ensure you have some kind of system in place to set up and record the details. Add an expiry date to them, to encourage redemption. Place your gift certificate in a customised envelope that makes the buyer feel like they are getting something special.

Create a ‘wish list’ onto a card and have this ready for clients to pick up at reception. It’s a great way for letting people who are not so familiar with your product line to buy the right item as a gift for someone else.

Best of luck with the running successful promotions during the festive season.