This past month I have had the opportunity to travel around the country and visit with really great professional skin therapists and business owners at some very cool skin centres.

While I was in each location, I noticed some really different and fun ‘local’ activity happening and it made me think how important it is to create that connection, that feeling, that most important bond with our clients and potential clients. Think about how you feel when you belong and connect. We all need this as we know the average person is time pressed, and everyone is constantly busy but we can not afford to miss our own local connections and create that ‘community’, whether you’re in the big city or a smaller town.

Think about who you want to connect with and reach out, perhaps it mother and daughter time, or teenagers at a local college, or members of a tennis club. Whoever it is, connect with them and invite them to your events, go to them and work with them. They in turn will visit your business for their product needs, skin care advice and expertise, their treatments, a place to come to and belong. This in essence is your local community.

So go out there, reach out and connect with your community!