Most of you will agree, social media is an extremely important tool for us to use to engage and connect with our clients. It is also widely known that images speak much louder than words within these platforms.

Certainly Facebook believe this to be true. In order to keep their users seeing high quality content, Facebook restricts advertisers from having more than 20% text in any adverts (click here for their full guidelines if you are creating Facebook ads). And Instagram, the social media platform dedicated to sharing photos has grown by 23% in the last year (bigger growth than Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook combined).

As small business owners there is a lot of pressure to create professional images that resonate with our clients. Not only do we not have the time, we also don’t have the graphic design skills necessary to create ‘on brand’ images and can end up with amateur looking images that can do more harm than good. Today I’m going to share some simple steps to creating more professional images that you can use on your social media pages.

• Share images from others Facebook pages (feel free to share from both Dermalogica and EyeSlices Facebook posts anytime). Other great sharing ideas are inspirational quotes, how to guides for at-home beauty treatments or hairstyles, fashion and recipes. But remember; don’t solely rely on sharing other people’s posts. It’s important to create your own posts too.

• To create images try online tools like Pic Monkey and Canva. They are very simple to use and best of all, most of it is free! (I created the example image above using Pic Monkey very easily and quickly.)

• Choose signature features of your brand and bring them through to your images. This is very simple to achieve, you could choose to always include your logo on images, or select your brand colours, backgrounds or fonts to feature on all your images. Whatever you choose make sure to keep it consistent.

• When looking for inspiration for images it’s helpful to consider two things. 1) What does your audience want? (Maybe some helpful tips, some humour or motivation?) 2) What is your purpose? (Do you want them to click through to your website or share the post with their friends).

Remember, the images you post say so much about your brand. Make sure you are creating ones that really resonate with your audience and portray your business right.

Ref: Karen Gunton of
Click here here to access her online tutorials for Pic Monkey and Canva.