The S.H.E blog is aimed at being a resource of information for the beauty therapy industry in New Zealand, but from time to time, we can’t help but feature some news relating to the brands we distribute and today I want to share an important milestone for Dermalogica!

Dermalogica, the world leading professional skin care line researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, was launched in Los Angeles in 1986. The founders of Dermalogica, Jane and Raymond Wurwand, had an incredible vision for the company and a passion for the professional skin care industry. They wanted to create a skin care line free of common irritants that delivered real results, and enabled skin therapists to find success in their chosen field. Jane and Raymond are true entrepreneurs and visionaries and to this day are the driving force behind Dermalogica. But like all great brands, Dermalogica started with very humble beginnings. On an annual basis when we get together with the Dermalogica Tribe, I love to hear Jane and Raymond’s stories of how they have grown Dermalogica, from humble beginnings in to the cult brand it is today.

The signs of success that we have seen with Dermalogica over the years have come in many shapes in forms! Some of the stand out milestones for me include the constant editorial mentions we receive from beauty editors and bloggers, the many awards that Dermalogica wins (like the Bauer Media award we won for Daily Microfoliant!) and Dermalogica’s appearance in publications such as Cool Brands (UK) year after year!

But there is a new milestone for Dermalogica, and it is even more exciting…

This year, computer company DELL have launched a new advertising campaign across the US talking about their story of success and their humble beginnings. All great brands start with a great idea. The advertisement features a number of iconic and successful US brands that all started with an idea. Featured on the ad you will find Dermalogica alongside other big brand names (DropBox, Skype, Whole Foods, Under Amour…).

Great brands start with a great idea… but seeing that idea come to life is the work of many people. I want to thank all the skin therapists and business owners that work with (or have worked with) Dermalogica over the last 20 years in NZ… you’ve all been part of this story and we look forward to celebrating more Dermalogica milestones with you in the coming years.

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