I recently read an article by Help Scout* that talked of the concept of GLUE (aka Giving Little Unexpected Extras) as a strategy for ensuring that customers remain loyal and ultimately ‘stick like glue’ with your business. Napoleon Hill (a famous business/success author) was once quoted as saying “people buy personalities and ideas much more quickly than they buy merchandise."

Being in the customer service industry, we have many opportunities to deliver GLUE moments to our clients. These random acts of kindness build personality and will lead not only to long-term loyalty but also positive word of mouth.

This article got me thinking about ways that we can deliver ‘GLUE’ moments to our clients in store and I thought I’d share a couple of ideas:

Add free services to your client’s appointments at random. For example, if it’s a relatively slow day for services and there is time between treatments the therapist may include a free eyebrow tidy or mini-manicure to the end of a skin treatment. If you give your therapists the discretion to add these short add-ons when and if they can, they will also feel empowered (make sure you are clear with what they can and can’t offer though!).

Brainstorm with your team quirky and personal ways to offer unexpected extras to your clients. For example, if a client cancels an appointment due to illness, you may like to follow up with a hand written ‘get well soon’ card or personalised email. You could include a special offer within the message e.g. ‘Sorry to hear your not feeling well, when your back to full health call us to rebook and we’ll add an X with your booking. Hope this brightens your day a little! Love the team at X’

Know your VIPS. Your VIP clients are your biggest ambassadors, so it’s extremely important to take great care of these clients. If you’re having a slow week with bookings, get your staff phoning VIP clients and offering them a generous offer if they book in any of your quiet times. Your VIPs will appreciate the offer, even if they can’t make the appointment.

Pass on your knowledge. I love going to my hairdresser as everytime I go she teaches me a new (simple) hairstyle to try and recreate myself at home. There’s no reason therapists can’t offer similar resources. For example, teach your clients how to do their own at home hand treatment using the skin care products they use.

Remember the difference between GLUE and usual promotional activities is that they are ‘unexpected’ and personalised for the client. Don’t offer every client the same thing, then it is no longer random, rather cater the ‘little extra’ to what that specific client might like and then you will see success. The key is to make the client feel you have offered just them something special.

What GLUE strategies can you think of to use in your Skin Centre?

* Reference: https://www.helpscout.net/blog/glue/?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_R8Rbe6mYIJeg46OE5plK3tTC651nTFBKIGiCWcPfRCZaAtcKDRtG256SMD9zEb2j5V0GY1kZxL0-ENr6x9_rHHZyWbg&_hsmi=12186872)