I’m sure we would all agree that waxing services provide an important source of income for many in our industry and as it has consistently remained for some time the removal of unwanted body hair is considered a common grooming practice. But it also seems to be a topic of considerable public debate.

For example, recently the Arizona State University offered students in a Women and Gender studies course extra credits if they took part in a hair growth exercise. Over a ten week period female students participated by leaving their legs and underarms unshaven, while male students shaved all body hair from the neck down. As their lecturer Breanne Fahs said “there is no better way to learn about societal norms than to violate them and see how people react.” The female students reported that feedback to their obvious underarm and leg hair was largely negative with some of the strongest disapproval coming from close friends and family members.

There have also been some proud displays of body hair in the media. You may have seen Madonna’s Instagram showing her flourishing underarm hair with the caption “long hair – don’t care”. It is well known that the Queen of cool has a history of causing offence and generally getting people’s fur in a bunch (excuse the pun) but other celebrities like Cameron Diaz are also lending their support to women rejecting the pressure on them to remove their body hair. There are other examples of women celebrating their body hair, on the Tumblr Blog veryhairylegs.tumblr.com. US clothing label American Apparel hit the headlines by displaying mannequins in sheer underwear with obvious pubic hair in their NY store windows; their response was they were celebrating natural beauty. A poll in the UK (UK Medix Poll) found that 50% of UK women did not groom ‘down there’ at all.

Interesting news from a male perspective was published in the Guardian where Research by retail analysts Mintel revealed that 60% of 16 to 24-year-old British men now regularly remove their body hair. Of those surveyed, 13% said they had removed chest hair in the past year, 12% shaved their armpits and one in three men removed hair from his pubic region.

It is interesting to consider what all this means for our industry... what do you think?

Photo source: http://hhobbess.tumblr.com/post/29738406486