Some of things we associate with the month of May include Mother’s Day and shorter evenings but for Dermalogica Educators May represents a visit to Dermalogica headquarters in Los Angeles for the annual gathering known affectionately as “May Week”. This year was the 21st anniversary of May Week and saw 130 Dermalogica Educators from around the globe gather.

The theme throughout the week was “Mindful learning and learning to be mindful”. Experiencing our lives in a mindful way can be described as being aware of our thoughts and feelings moment by moment –or living in the “now”. As Professional Skin Therapists we are taught the importance of focusing on the client you are giving a treatment to, but how many of us get distracted and find our mind wandering? Mindfulness takes practice. Some tips that were shared for including mindfulness in your daily life are:

• Waking up: While you are still lying in bed, before you do anything else, notice your breathing.
• Breakfast: Pay attention to the food you’re eating, noting all that went into its creation. A piece of fruit for example required sunshine, fresh air and rich earth: workers to pick it and transport it. Then look closely at the food, put it in your mouth and taste it.
• Driving: Stopped at a red light, notice your body. Loosen your hold on the steering wheel. Relax your shoulders.

We began the week by being encouraged to feel comfortable creating our own learning space, so whether it was a more traditional table and chair style that felt right or being curled up on a comfy leather couch, the important thing was our full presence. A guided meditation exercise removed all traces of jet-lag and had us focused and eager for the week to begin.

Subjects covered included new product developments and innovations for 2014 – this always has us pumped and excited about the new products to join our range! As a global education company for the professional skin care industry there is always a need for Dermalogica to look at new and innovative ways to engage with our students, whether through technology or more hybrid teaching spaces. Rotating breakout sessions gave us an opportunity to see and hear some of the best Educators in the world share their tips and ideas for optimising learning opportunities for our students. We discussed the latest trends in the Medical Spa landscape and all experienced the soon-to-be launched BioSurface Peel

It wouldn’t be May Week without a party and this year we had the absolute pleasure of seeing Lee England Junior perform. He is a violinist who combines classical and soul music elements and without a doubt he is someone to look out for. A ‘Great Gatsby’ themed party also provided an opportunity for fun and dress-up!

Jane Wurwand, the founder of Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, is an integral part of the May Week experience. She is an inspirational leader and a core member of the Dermalogica tribe. Jane is currently working in a leadership role as Special Advisor to the Untied Nations Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council, supporting their work with the United Nations to advance women and girls. Even with this critical area of responsibility Jane still found the time to share her thoughts and energy with us all throughout the week. We used to say the Dermalogica difference was in the ingredients we choose not to use. I think the real Dermalogica difference is that we have a leader like Jane Wurwand.

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