I was a teenager in the late 90’s (yes – all of those things that are in fashion again – I wore them the first time around), and the fashion for brows was super thin with high arches. Fortunately (for me) I don’t have any photos on hand of the disaster that was my over plucked brows, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. As a result, I seem to have developed an incredibly overzealous hand with the tweezers, when I’m grooming my brows, that seems to have continued on far too long. I’ve checked myself into brow rehab: hiding my tweezers and only letting my brows be shaped by professionals for the last year as they attempted to grow back.

Now that my brows have started to thicken up again, I’ve decided to take things into my own hands and learn how to shape my brows (it’s about time, right?), and I’ve tried out a couple of Billion Dollar Brows products to help me out. I think they’re pretty amazing, so as part of my duties as a good blogger of course I had to share them with you!

Brow Buddy Kit
This includes the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy Tool to help you shape your brows, and a white pencil to make the markings on your face. I found having the pencil helpful not just to mark out the intended shape, but also as a visual reminder of where I need to stop! It’s a surefire way to curb the over plucking that comes so easily to me. The first step was to let my brows grow out quite a bit, so I had to (painfully) resist the urge to touch them for about three months.

You mark the start, arch and end of your brow as per the instructions, then join together the lines on the top and bottom. Remove the hair outside the line and ta-dah! Beautiful brows. Too easy? Nope, that’s really all there is to it! Once I’d shaped my brows I filled in the shape with a brow pencil. My brows aren’t quite as thick as I’d like and there are a few bits that need a little help to make them look fuller.

Universal Brow Pencil:
If you’ve ever found it hard to find the perfect shade for your brows, this pencil is just what you need. It’s formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colours, so whether you’re a blonde or a brunette you don’t have to fuss about trying to colour match. For darker skin tones and hair colours, apply the pencil until you’ve reached the desired shade, and for lighter skin tones and hair colours, use less pencil. On one end is the retractable pencil (no sharpening required!) and on the other is a spoolie for brushing out your brows. It’s the easiest pencil I’ve ever used to do my brows – so much so that I’ve ditched the much raved about coveted product that I was using previously.

Now, I was lucky enough to have both the Brow Buddy Kit and the Universal Brow Pencil gifted to me so that I could review them (and thank goodness I was, because I hadn’t heard of Billion Dollar Brows before that!), but trust me when I say that if I didn’t love what it did then I wouldn’t be featuring it!
Are you on top of your brow game? How do you do your brows?

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