We interviewed our top seven Skin Centres who were all recently awarded Skin Centre's of Distinction 2015. Here is our interview with Life Pharmacy, Albany.

What do you love most about working as a skin therapist?

I love to see genuine changes in peoples skin which result in the client having more confidence and feeling great about themselves inside and out.

What are your top 2 favourite Dermalogica products?

My favourite products at the moment are the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which gives you ultra-smooth skin after just one use, also the new Skin perfect Primer which gives your skin an even velvety base while giving you an SPF 30 sun protection before applying make-up.

Describe a typical day at your Skin Centre?

I meet new people every day which is something I love about my job. I get to give skin treatments which leave the clients walking away feeling rejuvenated and excited about their skin.

What’s your top Winter skin care tip?

Keep hydrated!! Colder weather can make your skin dehydrated so try the Multivitamin power recovery masque for extra nourishment and protection from the elements.

What do you love most about Dermalogica?

I love that as therapists we are kept up to date on the latest training and skin care technology and there are products for every skin type that you can trust are going to do wonders for your skin, without any nasty ingredients or irritants.

How many people in your team and what is their Expert status (if any)?

We have two people in our team and we are working towards our expert status.

Why would you recommend a client have a Face Mapping skin analysis?

Face mapping skin analysis is so important so the client can stay up to date on the condition of there are using the products that will meet their concerns and give them the best results.

Tell us about your Skin Centre – what makes you special?

We are only a small team but we are both so committed to getting the best results for our clients while creating a friendly and relaxing environment.