I think it would be fair to say Fonterra have not had a great time recently. They would also not be over the moon to learn of recent research suggesting that the intake of dairy products could be a trigger for acne.

The link between hormones and acne is well known. The International Dermal Institute states that researchers have found over 60 different hormones in cow’s milk, including Testosterone and Growth Factors. Note that we’re talking your ordinary everyday milk here, not just milk from cows treated with hormones: whether it’s skim, organic or raw milk, they all contained significant amounts of acne causing substances. Dr. Mark Hyman MD (Huffington Post, May 29, 2012) suggested that it is not just the androgen hormones boosted by milk that may be an acne trigger but also the lactose or milk sugar. The insulin spike generated after drinking milk can be an acne trigger too.

As consumption of dairy and sugar has risen over the last 100 years so has the incidence of acne. While we know that treating acne is not as simple as making one dietary change, there does seem to be enough evidence to suggest that if you have an acne condition, you should leave milk to the calves – after all that’s who nature intended it for.