Since Dermalogica’s founding in 1986, the brand’s tagline has read, “A skin care system researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute.”

As we seek to attract many more consumers to the Dermalogica brand, we felt it important to relook at the logo’s tagline to bring a more clear point-of-view to why we do what we do, we are excited to announce our brand new brand tagline: “professional-grade skin care by The International Dermal Institute”

“professional-grade skin care”
Our proud professional heritage is reflected in every aspect of the Dermalogica brand – from our formulations and packaging, to our education and services, and finally, the unique ways that we partner with our customers in achieving their ultimate, personalized skin fitness plans. This 30 year dedication has resulted in a level of performance that could only be referred to as “professional-grade”.

“by The International Dermal Institute”
Then, as it is today, the intrinsic link between Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute has been a fundamental and authentic foundation to our industry leadership, to our expertise and to the worldwide tribe of professional skin therapists who have helped make Dermalogica a household name.

The Dermalogica global creative team will be using the new tagline on packaging and marketing collateral moving forward, we ca expect to see the new tagline being phased in on new and existing Dermalogica packaging over time. Kindly note that it’s fine to continue to use the Dermalogica logo without the tagline, in instances where it has been used without the tagline. Should you need to update the Dermalogica logo with the new tagline on any of your internal collateral, you can access it here.