The start to any new year activity is always perceived with enthusiasm, excitement and a positive outlook. But, how do you turn all of that into financial success for your business?

We know that in order to grow and expand our business, we need to bring in ‘new blood’, new clients. We need to get that potential ‘skin’ in through your doors, and into your treatment room.

Here’s a couple of tips that you may find helpful:

Build your business with your favourite clients:
Ask your VIP’s or regular clients to bring a friend. By VIP’s and regulars I mean those clients that have regular treatments, believe in you, buy your products and follow your recommendations – not the clients who you just enjoy chatting to! They will easily recommend your business to like minded people. So reward these clients for helping you increase your exposure to new clients!

Have a service / product promotion available:
Try running for a limited time, a treatment and product promotion. You will want to increase your service bookings and also your product sales. Perhaps it’s as simple as offering a starter skin care kit offer connected to a client treatment i.e client has mini skin care treatment, which they pay for and they receive a starter kit for free or half price. That way you have offered the treatment side of your business, and placed your product into their hands. Follow up should be easy here!

Whatever you decide to do, be clear about what your hook is, your unique point of difference to get those new clients into your business, and choose the best way suited to you to help you grow your business.

Good luck!