As a skin therapist, massage therapist, and educator, I am often told it’s clear I love what I do. It always makes me smile because what I do – and why I do it – is who I am. There’s nothing I love more than solving skin problems, addressing business challenges and helping people. I know you can relate – from inspecting suspicious moles on family members, massaging your colleague’s sore shoulders or mapping skin at social gatherings, it’s just what we do! But the actuality of our work stretches far beyond providing skin services, waxing brows and prescribing peptides.

We are in the business of touch, and we are no stranger to the endless list of positive health benefits our work can provide. From lowering the stress hormone cortisol, to increasing the feel good hormone oxytocin, to boosting immune function and reducing pain and anxiety, clinical proof is widely available that argues both the power of touch and the negative impact of touch deprivation.

This has led to massage, spa and alternative therapies (like aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology and hydrotherapy) finally getting the serious recognition they deserve, so much so that the number of hospitals around the world now offering complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) has tripled over the past few years. This movement is largely due to the hard medical evidence now available for alternative therapies and the fact that healthcare costs can be radically reduced when illness is prevented! And let’s not leave out the patient demand – plain and simple, many people are seeking alternative therapies.

Seventy one percent of people would be more likely to visit spas if they knew that scientific studies showed measurable results – are you marketing your services in the right way? Or are you still using words like “luxurious,” “pampering” or “well deserved treat?” It might be time to renovate your menu and messaging, update your space and climb on board the health train – leaving the beauty bus behind!

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