Harnessing the power of retinol or pure Vitamin A, one of the most powerful ingredients medically recognised to radically treat the signs of ageing, Dermalogica® introduces new Overnight Retinol Repair. Available from 14th September 2015 for $174 (RRP), this is the first-ever retinol treatment to offer a unique customisation option, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a concentrated retinoid while experiencing maximum comfort and efficacy.

Destined to become a Dermalogica cult classic, Overnight Retinol Repair boasts a high concentration of retinol and accelerates skin renewal, reverses the effects of sun damage, improves skin tone, and increases skin firmness. It also encompasses new microencapsulation technology, which stabilises the retinol molecule, allowing it to penetrate deeply into the skin for optimum results.

To hear more about this exciting new product join us at our official Dermalogica product launch event.