You could mistake the new UltraCalming Redness Relief Primer for wasabi – the likeness is uncanny. This is one of the reasons we chose MASU restaurant, named Metros Best Restaurant in 2014, to hold the PR launch for the Redness Relief Primer SPF20 on Wednesday 25th February.

This amazing, soothing green tinted primer has an RRP$88, and is available from 1st April 2015. Hopefully, thanks to the PR launch and media send-outs, it will launch supported by a raft of positive editorial product mentions and reviews in magazines, newspapers and online. This newest addition to the UltraCalming range, a primer and soothing skin treatment in one, also joins the Skin Perfect Primer SPF30 in bridging the gap between cosmeceutical and skincare.

We hosted 16 print and press media for lunch, and 16 online media for dinner in MASU’s private room styled with beautiful dried palm tree husks with tropical flowers fastened on top. The guests enjoyed a refreshing mocktail on arrival and were seated at the large, wooden table with personalised menus and the product displayed in front of each guest resting on chopstick holders.

I welcomed everyone and explained why we’d chosen MASU - not only do the Japanese do calm and zen incredibly well, but the food lends itself in bringing to life some of the factors that cause skin redness – spicy food and alcohol.
After enjoying the first course of an avocado salad and tuna taco, our very own Caroline Parker introduced Dermalogica’s newest product, the Redness Relief Primer SPF20. To set the scene, she talked about what a sensitive and sensitised skin is, the different causes of these, what a red skin might look and feel like, and touched on key products from the UltraCalming range.

Guests then enjoyed the main course of salmon, rice and vegetables, and left with their media kit which included media materials and of course the primer. We also included the UltraCalming Skin kit to remind them of these wonderful and very efficacious products.

We have received great feedback on the product, with some reviews already live, which you can view below:
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