We're very excited to have Dr. Diana Howard as one of our guest speakers at the upcoming International Dermal Institute Future Skin Today event. For those of you who have not already seen Dr. Diana in action at past events we thought we'd share some more information about this inspiring and knowledgeable presenter.

“I’ve had the privilege of watching Diana present on various topics a few times now, and what I’ve always been left with is, not only knowledge and a greater understanding for the ingredients she was focusing on, but also inspiration and passion for our industry, and for therapists. She is an amazing speaker” - Leanne Winsor Skin Health Experts Sales Manager

“During a presentation from Diana you can hear a pin drop - without exception everyone is totally focused and engrossed in the information she is sharing. She is an exciting and inspiring presenter who just makes you remember what you love about the industry” - Caroline Parker, Skin Health Experts Education Manager

Dr. Diana Howard
Vice President of Research and Development and Global Education for the International Dermal Institute

As a leading ingredient innovator for the skin care industry, researcher, educator, author and lecturer, Diana Howard, Ph.D., has been instrumental to the success of Dermalogica as the preferred brand of skin care professionals worldwide.

Dr. Howard travels year-round addressing colleagues from all areas of the scientific community, professional skin therapists and students, speaking on behalf of both the Dermalogica brand and The International Dermal Institute (IDI), where Dermalogica products are researched and developed.

Dr. Howard earned her Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles. In her present work with Dermalogica and IDI, Dr. Howard has taken a revolutionary “fusion” approach to formulation, developing sophisticated hybrid compounds which pair the most powerful assets of nature with ingredients created in the lab. Traditional botanical sources like herbs, flowers, roots and seeds are matched with synthesised ingredients such as peptides and acids. This approach allows the creation of products which support skin health while effectively delivering the immediate results demanded by today’s consumer. Many of the ingredients present in these formulations, such as extracts of Rooibus or red “bush” tea from South Africa, Japanese Alder, and Kukui nut from Hawaii, reflect Dr. Howard’s decades of world-travel.

Dr. Howard joined Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute in 1994 and has over 32 years in the cosmetic industry. She is currently Vice President of Research and Development and oversees Global Education for Dermalogica and IDI, considered the world’s premier provider of post-graduation skin care education.

Called upon frequently as a panelist, skin care authority and interview guest by media worldwide, Dr. Howard lives and works in Los Angeles.

View Dr. Diana Howard in action here presenting her ten minute video 'The Ageing Skin Ingredient Revolution'.