This October the team at Skin Health Experts (S.H.E) held events at their offices in Auckland and at Sadal & Co. in Wellington to update the industry on the latest and greatest happenings with our business.

In Auckland guests enjoyed sweet treats and savories in amongst spring blooms and pastel pots and in Wellington we wined and dined on tasty platters, before they heard from S.H.E experts on e-marketing tips and some very exciting product and brand launches.

The events began with Marketing Manager, Angie Montgomery, sharing her top tips for beauty therapists on how to gain new clients with online marketing.

Leanne Winsor, Sales Manager for S.H.E, presented the latest trends in pigmentation and launched a new product range for Dermalogica that addresses hyperpigmentation, PowerBright TRx. This trio of products has been proven to significantly improve skin texture and markings and will no doubt be in hot demand.

Managing Director, Natasha Gee, announced that two new, very exciting brands are joining the S.H.E portfolio - Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) and Spring Spa Wear uniforms.

BDB originates from the USA and was developed by husband and wife team Natalie and Bob Plain. Not surprisingly they are making huge in-roads in the States due to a great price point and very efficacious products. Their patented Brow Buddy was demonstrated along with the brow duo highlighter pencil and the Universal Brow Pencil, all of which everyone was very excited to get their hands on!

The S.H.E team was also joined by founder and owner of Spring Spa Wear uniforms, Leanne Spring, who was visiting from Australia to help the team launch this fantastic range of uniforms and bed linen in NZ. Gorgeous models showcased a variety of the uniforms including several options for trousers, tops and dresses, plus specially designed salon aprons.

All attendees took home a goody bag filled with products from all of S.H.E’s brands.

We thank all of you who took the time out of your busy days to join us at our Spring Soiree events. We have some great photos from each event and you can view all of them here