Recently we have undergone a make over. It was time for a new look, hairstyle, wardrobe, even a new name. We were having an identity crisis. Really! Have you ever felt this way before? We have been in the skin care business for over 20 years. Our company founders have experience preceding this as owners of a beauty therapy training college and a chain of beauty salons, and manufacturers of a salon waxing system. We know this industry. We understand your business. We understand you. We just didn’t understand ourselves (a temporary feeling which we have now resolved!).

When you are in the middle of an identity crisis two questions keep coming up. Who am I? Why do I exist?

Historically, we know who we have been. Dermal International NZ, importers of Dermalogica. More than importers though. Brand guardians and ambassadors would be a more apt description. We live and breathe Dermalogica, our company values closely align with Dermalogica’s and we have incredible passion and commitment for this amazing skin care (that is so much more than just a skin care product… it is a system for success). In fact, many of you simply knew us as Dermalogica NZ and didn’t even regard us as Dermal International NZ.

So, how has this changed recently? In addition to Dermalogica we are also importing niche products for our industry that are complimentary to Dermalogica. NVEY ECO Organic Makeup and eyeSlices® being our two recent introductions. We love this industry and are passionate about make up that not only performs extremely well but delivers amazing benefits to your skin. We know you feel the same as many of you also offer make up as well as skin care. So it is obvious why we are importing Nvey Eco. And eyeSlices, well this is just such an exciting and unique new product. The ingredients used are efficacious and simply work. eyeSlices are award winning in their design and are here to stay.

So then, who are we? We are Skin Health Experts (S.H.E), importers of quality skin care and cosmetic products for the beauty industry in New Zealand. We are the experts when it comes to skin health and we provide exceptional products to optimise the health and appearance of your clients’ skin (and your own for that matter). We employ an amazing team of women with extensive experience in the beauty industry. We have strong relationships with our international suppliers and offer the best product training in the industry. We know this because you tell us, so thank you!

Why do we exist? This question is sometimes a little more difficult to answer and much soul searching is required. But ultimately the reason that we exist is… for you. The team at Skin Health Experts (S.H.E) is incredibly proud to work in the industry that puts more women in business than any other. We love that we get to interact with such incredibly talented and passionate women on a daily basis. It is exciting to think that we work in an industry without a glass ceiling. Women are out there on their own career path, supporting their families and being entrepreneurs (like in perhaps no other industry!). Fundamentally, S.H.E exists to support women in business and help them to be successful, to be their best.

As part of our transformation and new look we decided we wanted a new website. But not just any website. We wanted to create a website that supports our reason for existence – a resource to help therapists and business owners within this industry. Over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing with you short and interesting posts on a range of topics that are relevant to our industry. From skin histology and the latest ingredients, to industry trends from USA and Europe, and business tips and ideas.

We hope you enjoy our blog!