dermalogica loyalty programme terms and conditions

The Dermalogica Loyalty Programme is operated by Dermalogica NZ and Dermalogica authorised stockists in New Zealand. Each member of the Dermalogica Loyalty programme is bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time.

• Membership of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme is free.
• You may obtain membership by:
- Applying in-store at any participating Dermalogica Skin Centre in New Zealand or
- Signing up online at
• Not all Dermalogica Skin Centres will offer the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, this is up to the owner of the Skin Centre to decide upon. If you wish to be a part of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme it may be necessary to check with the staff in the Skin Centre to ensure they provide the programme before finalising any Dermalogica purchase.
• When you apply in-store, your point’s balance will be tracked in that particular Dermalogica Skin Centre. For information on your current points balance please contact your Dermalogica Skin Centre directly. You will not receive a loyalty card.
• When filling out an application (in store only), you must complete all the compulsory fields including your correct name and address. Using a false name or another person’s name (whether or not paired with a genuine address) may be fraudulent. Dermalogica reserves the right to notify law enforcement agencies and to pursue any remedies that may be available in the case of improper use of the Dermalogica systems.
• When creating an account with Dermalogica on you are automatically signed up for the Dermalogica loyalty programme and points will be allocated to your account after your first purchase.
• Only individuals can apply for Dermalogica membership. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate.
• Your Dermalogica Loyalty Programme membership is not transferable, and can only be used by the person whose name is on the application form.
• You may hold only one membership for the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme. Memberships cannot be held jointly.
• Dermalogica Loyalty Programme vouchers may only be redeemed upon presentation of the Dermalogica voucher that corresponds with the membership name appearing on the member profile.

Earning Points
• You can earn Dermalogica Points from any participating Dermalogica Skin Centre throughout New Zealand and online at
• One Dermalogica Point will be earned for every dollar you spend on Dermalogica retail products only in the Dermalogica Skin Centre that you signed up for or online at the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme in. Each item will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar when points are applied. There is no minimum spend per transaction required to earn Dermalogica Points.
• There is no need to present a card or your membership number at time of purchase to receive Dermalogica Points. Dermalogica Points will automatically be accumulated through the Dermalogica Skin Centre’s own in store system or online and the tracking and notification of your Point’s balance is the sole responsibility of the Dermalogica Skin Centre that you signed up to the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme in.
• Dermalogica Points cannot be retrospectively allocated once a purchase is complete.
• Dermalogica Points are earned with the purchase of any Dermalogica retail product in store or online. Dermalogica Points will not be earned on the following: Gift Vouchers, Dermalogica Skin Treatments, Dermalogica retail products on sale and any other products or services that the Dermalogica Skin Centre provides that are not from Dermalogica.
• Dermalogica may exclude points on some products, or during selected promotional periods, sales or events from time to time on terms set by Dermalogica at our discretion. For special promotions other terms and conditions may apply.
• You will not earn Dermalogica Points on purchases made with your Dermalogica vouchers. However, if your purchase exceeds the value of your Dermalogica voucher, you will earn Dermalogica Points on the difference.
• All Dermalogica Points expire six months from the date on which they were earned.
• Any discrepancies in Dermalogica Points or Vouchers must be reported to the Dermalogica Skin Centre promptly. Otherwise the points balance and vouchers issued will be deemed to be correct and biding on the member Dermalogica’s decision on any such dispute is final and binding.

• The current reward rate is one $25 Dermalogica product voucher/credit issued for every 250 Dermalogica Points earned. Dermalogica reserves the right to alter the reward rate at any time. When you accumulate 250 Dermalogica Points, the Dermalogica Skin Centre will automatically generate a $25 Dermalogica product voucher which will be available for you to spend when you next shop at that particular Dermalogica Skin Centre. If you accumulate 250 Dermalogica points online, you can apply these points to your cart at checkout and $25 will be automatically taken off the total of your cart.
• Dermalogica Points will be converted to vouchers in multiples of 250 points, so if you earn 500 Dermalogica Points in one transaction then you will have earned two $25 Dermalogica product vouchers, 1000 Dermalogica Points will give you four $25 Dermalogica product vouchers etc.
• Any remaining Dermalogica Points not falling within a multiple of 250 will represent your new points balance.
• It is not necessary to redeem all vouchers in one transaction, nor it is necessary to redeem your vouchers on your next transaction but product vouchers are only valid for 2 months from the date they were issued so must be used before they expire.
• Any points which are not used by a member to claim a voucher within 6 months after which day the points were recorded will expire and be deducted from the points balance in a member’s points record.
• Dermalogica vouchers will be handed out in store at time of reaching 250 points or stay linked to your account if you purchased online. A record of any vouchers not redeemed will be held in store at the Dermalogica Skin Centre you sign up with for the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme.
• Dermalogica vouchers can only be redeemed exclusively at the Dermalogica Skin Centre that you sign up with for the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme or exclusively at
• Dermalogica product vouchers can be redeemed against any Dermalogica retail item purchased. All Dermalogica vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers.
• No change or credit will be given for purchases valued at less than the face value of the Dermalogica voucher your redeem.

Returns and Refunds
• If you receive a refund for purchases made with your Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, in accordance with Dermalogica’s returns policy, then any Dermalogica Points earned from that purchase would be reversed too.

• The Dermalogica Skin Centre that you sign up to the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme at will use your personal information for their own administrative, marketing, research and promotion purposes via the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme. Dermalogica NZ will use your personal information for administrative and research purposes only, unless you have signed up with the Loyalty Programme online and in that case may use your details for marketing and promotion purposes as well.
• In accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, members may opt in/ out of receiving offers via electronic channels (email and TXT) via their application for more personal profile available in store and online.
• Dermalogica will not provide your details to third party companies for marketing purposes.
• Dermalogica takes measures to ensure compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act in relation to your personal information.

• Dermalogica reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, or terminate the entire programme at any time and gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of the programme. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Dermalogica website ( from time to time and members will be deemed to have accepted any such amendment if the member retains his or her membership, receives Dermalogica Points or redeems any Dermalogica vouchers.
• Dermalogica may cancel any membership of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme at any time in its absolute discretion.
• On closure or cancellation of membership of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, or termination of the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, for any reason, all accrued Dermalogica Points are forfeited. Dermalogica will honour current Dermalogica product vouchers providing they have not expired, but is not liable for the value of unredeemed forfeited Dermalogica Points.
• A member may terminate his or her membership in the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme at any time by giving notice in the store that they signed up for the programme.

General Disclaimers
• Dermalogica is not responsible for errors resulting from computer hardware or software errors or failure, or for fraud.
• In case of dispute, the decision of Dermalogica shall be final and biding.
• Should any event that is beyond the control of Dermalogica (including, without limitation, strikes, acts of God, civil disturbance, government orders, epidemic, weather conditions, terrorist activities, or war) affect its ability to provide rewards under the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme, the provisions of such rewards may be suspended or terminated as Dermalogica in its sole discretion so decides and Dermalogica shall have no liability to any member in respect of such suspension or termination.
• Dermalogica makes no warranties or representations either express or implied in relation to the Dermalogica Loyalty Programme or any rewards, and expressly disclaims any and all liability, including any and all consequential losses or damages for goods or services provided, including without limitation for type, quality, standards or fitness of such goods or services, except where and to the extent that such liability arises by reason of a negligent act or omission on Dermalogica’s part.
• Dermalogica is not responsible for any correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, or emails/ faxes, which have been delayed or lost as a result of a malfunction or breakdown in any electronic system.
• Dermalogica may also change, at any time and without prior notice, the goods and services which are qualifying goods and services and/or the number of points which Members will receive for purchasing such goods and services.