Hear from some of our valued customers and their experiences with the team and brands at S.H.E

Vivianne Bryant, Bare Waxing and Skin Centre

It’s one thing as a skin centre owner knowing that you stock the best skincare brand available with Dermalogica – but to have that backed up by the amazing support of the S.H.E team is equally important. Access to marketing, education, and business advice is something they do incredibly well and I can say that we don’t just have a skincare supplier – we have a skincare partner!

Louise Gray, Louise Gray Skin Care

As a forward thinking skin therapist, you require the best tools and technology available that accent your skill, knowledge, and intuition. I choose to use Dermalogica professional skin care products in conjunction with bt-GEAR by Bio-Therapeutic. They work synergistically to provide my clients with incredible results from comprehensive treatments. I strongly believe that Dermalogica professional skin care products have kept me competitive in a tough industry.

Nicola Black, Sublime Skincare

Very approachable, supportive staff who offer regular brand coach meetings. On going Dermalogica education classes to inform staff of up-to-date product and skin health knowledge. Free and overnight courier! Our orders always arrive on time, securely packaged and correctly completed. The team at S.H.E are awesome!!

Gina Lee, Sharper Image

I have been using Dermalogica products for the past 9 years. It is a quality healthy skin product that has a solution to any skin problem. The company has supported me alot with the building of my business, helping me through the marketing side of things and much more. They have provided me with lots of professional training and I have gained many skills in their courses. They have a wide range of products whether it is healthy skin products or make up. All the Dermalogica's products are of a high standard and you can rely on them on a healthy quality product. NVEY eco is a 100% organic product that is suitable for anyone and is easy to use. They have a large range of colours suitable for any skin type. It is also good for professional make up artist use. They are the best company for my business.

Louise Bourke, Beyond Skin

Having used Dermalogica for over 15 years and having worked with it for 6 years now (in both the clinic and recently in our new training school) I can safely say there is no other product I would endorse as I do Dermalogica. I have seen client's skin concerns be transformed and witnessed first hand how it does actually make a difference to people's lives when their skin is looking and feeling great. The education at Dermalogica is second to none and is one of the many reasons that I stick with it, along with the constant support of the knowledgeable team who are extremely competent and efficient in all their dealings. Thanks to everyone at Dermalogica!