Here at Skin Health Experts® (S.H.E), we like to think we do things a little differently.

Of course, we research and supply only the finest skin care and beauty products from around the world (as we’ve been doing for over twenty years).

And of course, we bring these to you for use in your skin centres and retail locations – with reliably consistent supply processes and regular product updates.

And it goes without saying that your clients benefit greatly from being able to use these highly professional products to achieve results that give them true and real satisfaction, as well as reflecting well on you and your business.

We ensure the high standards of our company and its brand by supplying our quality products only to fully certified skin therapists and trained makeup artists.

but there's far more to S.H.E than that.

Our driving ambition (call it a stated goal if you will), is to provide everyone who touches our organisation, be it suppliers, staff, clients or the final consumer, the ability to succeed. Whether that is personal success by way of the great results achieved from use of our products.

Or perhaps, the opportunity to operate a successful business that values excellence in service along with the pleasure gained in setting, and meeting, your own targets.

Here at S.H.E it’s expressed in the way we celebrate everyone’s milestones and success and then encouraging the next step along the path.

We uphold this ideal through all of our personal contact through the way we listen, advise and support but even more so, through our dedicated, professional training facilities for both our clients and our staff.

What this has given us is a strong sense of family loyalty through out all of our business and client groups. This strength allows us to innovate with confidence and thereby making the links of our communities ever stronger. This may sound a little warm and fuzzy for some and we realise that this is not the usual business driver, but for us, it’s borne from the personal viewpoint of the company’s founders of not settling for anything less than the absolute best. It’s the lifeblood that flows throughout the S.H.E organisation that all our staff can aspire to and achieve.

You could call it a passion or maybe a burning desire.

But when we witness all of the women that we are connected with achieving their full potential, then we know that S.H.E itself has been truly successful.